A general quiz on the SSVP and its history.

Time : Around 30 minutes

Quiz notes : Answers and additional information

Mythbusters  – please come back when we have uploaded an up to date version of this activity.

An exercise in challenging attitudes towards people who are on benefits.
Time : Around 20 minutes depending on discussion stimulated.

Mythbusters : Notes for teachers or group leaders

Stick Your Labels– A ‘Poverty Alliance’ campaign on reducing the stigma of living in poverty.

Campaign Presentation : for using in schools and local communities to raise awareness of the campaign and challenge the language that people use in connection with people living in poverty.

Stick Your Labels Video : “In Our Own Words : Challenging the Myths about Poverty


A great series of resources from our friends at Vinnies Australia, providing a selection of reflections of differing lengths and on different themes.

Peace Out- Issue 2            Peace Out – Issue 3
Peace Out- Issue 4            Peace Out – Issue 5

“Tanya” Powerful reflective Essay by Youth SSVP member

Video Resources