Tenderness and Empathy in Circular Letter of the President-General

President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, publishes his Circular Letter in which he addresses the fellow members of the world, contributing themes for general reflection.

Since 1841, it has been a tradition among the Presidents General to write the Circular Letter. The document is divided into five chapters: 1) Introduction; 2) General Council News; 3) Recommendations to the Vincentians; 4) International Thematic Year on Founder Jules Devaux; 5) Conclusions. This year, the President General has divided the five chapters into several sub-items to make the reading of the Letter easier, and he has included 32 footnotes containing literary and bibliographic references that enrich the content of the document.

As this is a lengthy document, it has been suggested that it could be reflected upon in sections, at Conference meetings (online) or in personal reading by members.

Click the link to read the Circular letter. It can be printed from here too. https://www.ssvpglobal.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/RV-Carta-Circular-2021-ENGLISH.pdf