Youth Development

Young people are an integral part of the SSVP, in Scotland and around the world. Younger members are given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to serve others-developing themselves socially and spiritually, as well as learning about the world around them. Young people of all ages are involved in a wide variety of work- from organising appeals for clothes and food to visiting nursing homes and doing soup runs.
Although our main focus for youth development is on young people working together in groups, young people across the country and also joining SSVP Conferences in parishes where appropriate. If you would like to join a parish Conference(over 16’s), please get in touch with SSVP National Office

Young SSVP members broadly fall into one of three categories:

Young people provide help in the best way that they can, and always seek out those in need. They all meet together in friendship and prayer and plan the work that they are going to do and who they are going to help. All groups elect a President (chairperson), secretary and a vice president if they wish. If they are dealing with money, they will also select a treasurer.

Visit our Mini Vinnies, Youth SSVP or SSVP 1833 pages to find out more.