Worldwide solidarity

For  45 years the SSVP Twinning Scheme has enabled the Society in developing countries to thrive and grow, strengthened by the spiritual, financial and moral support the members have received. What is a very small sum of money for a Conference in Scotland can make a vast difference in a poor country, where a poor person may earn about 50 pence per day (if they are fortunate); just enough for one day’s food.

Whilst the major part of Twinning in terms of Conference to Conference Twinning is currently with India and South Africa, the link with Hungary is also growing. Each of these countries has its own unique problems and the Twinning scheme is tailored to each so that we can offer the best help within the resources available. The Society in each country shares the same Spirit that guides us in our work for the poor and each country benefits from the encouragement that Twinning offers.


Prayer is the key aspect of any successful Twinning. The promise to pray for the Twin is really what sets Twinning apart from a secular exercise.

Correspondence- letters are exchanged at least three times each year. If Conferences have access to the internet, they also communicate in this way. Language and literacy can sometimes make communication more difficult, but patience is always exercised.

Financial Support shows the tangible evidence of our sharing. This helps our overseas Brothers and Sisters to increase their efforts to overcome the poverty in their own parishes and communities.

298 Indian conferences are twinned with 229 Scottish Conferences(some Scottish Conferences have more than one twin), paying £30 per quarter each to be sent to SSVP  IndiaThe total for 2015/2016 paid via this scheme  was £25740.00, making a huge difference to the people who are supported by the Indian Conferences. 

Conferences also have donated more for special projects affiliated with the SSVP in India. Conferences donated a total of £17644.58 for 2015/2016 which paid for projects ranging from a cow bank amd fishing net distribution to the provision of clean drinking water. 

SSVP Conferences donate £30 quarterly to support twinned Conferences in South Africa.  These donations are sent directly the the SSVP in South Africa and distributed to the  106 SSVP twinned Conferences there. The total for 2015/2016 total is £9450.00.

Conferences also have donated more for special projects affiliated with the SSVP in South Africa. 2015/2016 total is £800.

Hungary is the newest twin for SSVP Scotland with only 3 Conferences in the country. Scottish Conferences paid £800 in 2015/16 to support the work of the SSVP in Hungary. 

Learn more about the SSVP in Hungary here

Financial Support

Project Fund

SSVP Conferences provide funding for specific projects as well as on-going support for their day to day work.   In 2012/13, 13 projects were supported in India ranging from £580 for drinking water and coffin making to £3200 for a ‘cow bank’ and to assist cyclone affected families.

Student Sponsorship

This helps with the education of poor students in India. Students can be sponsored for 1 – 5 years, depending on their course. Details of a student and course are sent annually to the sponsors. More details on the types of student sponsorship can be found here

If you would like to find out more about our twinning programme, please contact SSVP National Office on 0141 226 8833 or email our National Twinning Officer at twinning@ssvpscotland.com