Commission for International Aid & Development(CIAD)

This fund is designed to meet the immediate needs of the poor anywhere when a disaster of any kind strikes. Almost as soon as it has reached the news, it is likely that a donation is on its way to the National Council of the affected country.

Local and National SSVP members of the recipient country will use this money to buy items that are needed to alleviate the immediate suffering or to help with the long-term aid of those affected when immediate International Aid ceases. In 2013, £73,499 was sent to the Phillipines in the aftermath of the devastating typhoon, and £29,817 to Syria.

Crisis Appeals

All SSVP Scotland donations are transferred directly to the SSVP International Head Office in  Paris, France and forwarded collectively on to our SSVP brothers and sisters in areas of crisis. Warm thanks are extended to all who have fundraised, collected and donated.


  • Nepal Earthquake Appeal £38766.50
  • Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal £27306.50
  • Syrian Refugee Appeal  £60827.79