‘Person to person’ help

From the very beginning and throughout the Society’s history, home visits have been at the core and heart of the work of  SSVP members. Although our founder Frederic Ozanam was open to all forms of charities and the SSVP has responded to new and changing needs by establishing Special Works, home visits continue to be the way that most SSVP members choose to make person-to-person contact with those in need.

Home visits;

  • Are always made by two SSVP members to the home, hospital, care home, hostel of the person seeking help
  • Can be made after a referral from a friend, family member or social worker, for example

Home visits are the building block of the work of the SSVP- visit SSVP Global to read a testimony from one of our members on his experience of visiting people in need in their homes.