Getting Help

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul provides assistance to those in need. We are here to support individuals and families as we would support a friend. No distinction is made as to religion, colour or creed, as to whom we serve, or those who we are serving.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance please complete the below form and SEND, or contact us at 0141 226 8833 or with the details and we will forward your request to the SSVP Conference nearest you.

Please note that we have no facility to provide assistance from our national office, but will forward your details on to your local SSVP Conference as mentioned.

We respect your privacy: To respond to your Request for Assistance, SSVP Scotland will ask you for your peronsal contact details, what support your require and any supporting information which you feel will allow us to respond to your request.

This information will be held securely and confidentially in electronic or paper format. On completion of your request the local Conference will retain your information only as part of an archive.

Your information will not be shared out-with the SSVP Scotland without prior consent.

A full Privacy Notice is available from the SSVP Scotland National Office.

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