Contemporary Seekers

A new generation of Advent seekers gathered in Rome recently at a Vincentian Family Symposium on Homelessness. Considered wise and practical men and women, international experts focused their attention on the homeless Jesus, the baby in the manger today. In the name of the entire Vincentian Family, they were not just looking, they were addressing issues of finding room in the inns of today. They went to Rome not only to see but to serve with the strength of the arms and sweat of their brows.

Each of these persons has had their own Chatillon and Follevile experiences.

The questions for us this Advent

  • Can we get beyond our expectations of what Jesus will look like today?
  • Will we look for Christ in the unexpected places?
  • During this Advent can we find the Chatillon and Folleville events of our lives?
  • Will we risk being changed this Advent journey?