Carnegie Trust Seeks to Extend Helping Hands Beyond Pandemic

Carnegie UK Trust UK is pleased to share  their new research , looking at how we can achieve ‘good work’ for all in the UK coronavirus economy.

“The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted jobs and livelihoods, but it has also seen labour market interventions that were previously unimaginable and given rise to calls to build back a better labour market. For our research we interviewed labour market experts including academics, business and trade union representatives and leading think tanks, and undertook analysis of the impacts of the crisis on different groups of workers.

Our report Good Work for Wellbeing in the Coronavirus Economy draws together these insights and presents a package of over 30 proposals for how good work can be achieved and sustained, to ensure work improves wellbeing for many more people.”

Carnegie UK Trust would be delighted to hear your views on the ideas put forward in the report. You can get in touch with them on Twitter @CarnegieUKTrust, using the hashtag #GoodWork #COVID19 or you can let them know your thoughts by emailing Gail Irvine, Senior Policy and Development Officer, on

Click link to visit website and see full report