Challenge Poverty Week 7th – 13th October 2019


SSVP members across Scotland support Challenge Poverty Week 2019.

The Scotland-wide campaign is designed to show that poverty exists in Scotland and affects us all, that people can work to end it, that it restricts people’s ability to take part in society and that is can be solved by boosting incomes and reducing costs of living.

“Poverty restricts people lives in hundred of different way-and it’s woman, children, minority group and disabled people who are often affected. Across the country poverty is increasing for the first time in tow decades. More and more people aren’t getting the income they need to live a full and free life.” said Lindsay McGowan of Yourtown Resource Centre

The Challenge Poverty Week is a chance for us to highlight the injustice of poverty in Scotland, and to celebrate the people and projects that are standing together against it in difficult ways.