Our St Patrick’s Day 2016

St Leonard’s SSVP Conference East Kilbride, Motherwell Diocesestleonards


Our Conference here in St Leonard’s always host this annual event for our senior parishioners. However, this year, it took place in St Vincent’s Parish hall. This was due to the Winter Storm we had, when we encountered roof damage here in St Leonard’s, with flooding all the way down into our hall. Fortunately, St Vincent’s, the only other Church in our deanery, had an afternoon slot for us to use their hall.

The hall being much larger than our own, we were able to invite more of our senior parishioners, over one hundred were comfortably seated. Those parishioners who couldn’t manage to get there on their own, were picked up by volunteer drivers. Our other parishioners were picked up by our Sunday bus that we have each week for weekend Mass.

A wonderful meal was laid on for us by our caterers. The main course, yes you guessed, Irish Stew! This was thostleonards3roughly enjoyed by all.

The Children from St Vincent’s Primary School entertained us with Irish Dancing. Then the School Choir presented us with a selection of Irish songs and finished with a catchy modern number.

Background music was provided by our Church Organist and later we distributed song books and had a sing-along. Unfortunately, the afternoon had to end, many reluctant to leave, still chatting away. Later our volunteers saw them home safely, a wonderful day was had by all. Everyone talked about their St Patrick’s Day for weeks after.