Indian Student Sponsorship

The purpose of this scheme is to help suitably qualified students to continue and finish their studies. Whatever subjects they choose, the successful conclusion of their studies means that they are much more capable of finding a job and earning a living. In this way they can support their families for the future.

We now have four different schemes for sponsorship:-

Vocational: 1 year course for auxiliary nursing, plumbing, commercial/secretarial practice etc. Technical: 3 year course for nursing and some types of engineering.

Vidya Jothi: Each Indian Conference has adopted at least one poor school child in their area who, without guidance, motivation and
assistance, would be unlikely to receive an education. National Council of Scotland has supported this scheme since 2004 but it is now open to Conferences.

Higher Educational: This new scholarship scheme helps engineering and medical students not covered by the Technical scheme. Their courses normally run for 5 years and involve huge costs for the students and their families. Details of the sponsored student, including the course being studied, are  given to the sponsor, generally on completion of their course. This takes the form of a ‘certificate’ each year, giving details of the progression through the course, which can be used for display purposes if desired.

It is not possible to ‘match’ a particular student to a Conference in Scotland. While the Sponsor can choose to sponsor either Technical or Vocational Students, they cannot specify the area of study for their supported student. In the case of Technical and HE Students, while the sponsorship may be paid in one sum, it may also be paid annually, thereby spreading the cost over the three or five year period accordingly.