Youth SSVP  welcomes new membersimg_3093

Since 2011, the Voice of the Poor Conferences have been bringing together pupils from secondary schools from across the country to learn, be inspired, reflect and plan how they are going to serve those in need in their communities.  11 schools gathered groups of Youth SSVP members to attend the overnight event, held every year at the Conforti Institute in Coatbridge.  The course  is delivered in partnership with the education team at the centre, with  guest presenters from The Poverty Alliance adding to two days of fantastic workshops and experiences.  Topics covered include the SSVP; history, vision and ethos; team building, communication and  the Living Wage. Groups also take part in the ‘Trading Game’, evening and morning reflections and Mass to bring the event to a fitting end.

SSVP Scotland would like to thank all those who make the events meaningful , with particular mention to the Conforti Institute and the Xaverian Missionaries.