Righting the Wrongs: A manifesto for tackling poverty



Righting the wrongs: A manifesto for tackling poverty

The Poverty Alliance have  published Righting the wrongs: A manifesto for tackling poverty, which outlines our key asks for the next UK Government. It calls for action in four areas:

  • Taking an all-government approach to solving poverty
  • Building a more compassionate social security system
  • Designing a labour market that works for everyone
  • Protecting people on low incomes from the impact of Brexit

You can read the manifesto in full here. Together with Poverty Alliance, the Society of St Vincent de Paul Scotland are urging all political parties at this election to support our calls, and to ensure that solving poverty is at the heart of this election campaign and of the next UK Government’s agenda.

As a Poverty Alliance member SSVP Scotland’s support for this manifesto would be hugely welcome. If you are able to help promote it or to use it to engage with parliamentary candidates then we can collectively – as an anti-poverty movement – amplify the message that we need action now to loosen the grip of poverty on people’s lives.

If you are planning your own activity around the election then we would be keen to help to promote it. Please let us know about it by getting in touch with Neil Cowan at neil.cowan@povertyalliance.org.