Spanish SSVP visit to Australia

Reveals Novel Approach 

Our Brother José Ramón Díaz-Torremocha of SSVP Conference Guadalajara has written an insightful account of a recent trip to Cairns in Queensland, Australia. Instead of the usual visits to Conference meetings, he was surprised to find himself being shown a boxing gym being run by SSVP. This had been set up to help young boys who were finding themselves drawn into violence and crime. He toured the facility and was pleased to meet some of the boys who told him how their lives had been transformed.  He said, “Devoting oneself to others necessarily requires imagination and putting yourself in the shoes of others. Not just faith, if we want to be truly useful to those who suffer. Those fellow members did it.”

It is good to hear these accounts from our worldwide Vincentian family.

Click here  to read the full article from Guadalajara Diocesan Website – scroll to bottom of page for English version