A Circular Letter full of emotion, in a farewell tone

The President General speaks of the importance of succession at the Council General and gives some advice to the Vincentians

Today, January 31th, 2023, another Circular Letter written by brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General International of the SSVP, as he has been doing since the beginning of his mandate.

The Circular Letters are published in general, annually,   and follow a tradition started by the 1st President General   Bailly de Surcy when he wrote the first one in 1841. In it, the President General speaks directly to the hearts of all the Vincentians of the world, presenting ideas and proposing reflections.

This year, the Circular Letter contains 17 pages, seven chapters and 70 references as footnotes. Brother Renato, who will be leaving his mission on September 9th, has given the text a farewell tone while at the same time sharing an accountability for his seven years in office.

Click on this link to read the President General’s full Circular Letter.