Warm Wishes from Across the Globe

Kate Kelley our Twinning Officer has received a lovely message of Christmas joy to be passed from an Indian SSVP Conference to their Scottish twin. Emmaus Conference in Thiruvananthapuram has taken the time to say Happy Christmas to St Peter’s Conference in Edinburgh. It is a lovely reminder of how our donations to Twins makes an essential difference to the lives of many people.


Respected  Brother,

First  of  all  let  me  wish  you  all  a  very  Happy  Christmas.    May  our  God  shower  all  his Blessings  on  all  of  us.

We  are  extremely  thankful  for  the  support  provided  to  our  Conference.  We  have  received your  twinnage  in  time  and  the  same  was  used  for  support  of  a  poor  students  education.   Once  again  we  express  our  sincere  thanks  for  your  timely   help.   We  also  request  you  to convey  our  best  regards,  prayers   and  wishes  to  our  sponsor  also.


With  Thanks  and  Regards,

Tony John,


For  Emmaus  Conference