A Moment to Invite the Lord During Lent

Sometimes we feel we need to do some great sacrifice in Lent, to feel we have achieved something; that we’ve made a ‘good Lent’.

But that’s all about us. When Jesus was in the desert for forty days, we’re told he fasted, prayed and resisted the temptations the devil put before him. His focus was on the Father.

We’re invited at all times and in all things to focus on the Lord. From childhood we said our ‘Morning Offering’ at school, inviting the Lord to be part of all we did that day.

Perhaps our focus over these next weeks of Lent could be to unite ourselves with Jesus in the desert and become more aware of inviting the Lord into all our actions and decisions throughout each day.

“Father in heaven I give you this day all that I think and do and say, and I unite it with all that was done by Jesus Christ your own dear Son. Amen.” 

Love and prayers,

Sr. Maria Robb