A Moment to Prepare During Lent

We’re fast approaching Holy Week, that special time in our Christian calendar when we make the final preparations for Easter. Jesus also made special preparations with his disciples in those days before his Passion and Resurrection.

As part of our preparations for Easter, Jesus invites each of us to take a good look into the mirror of our hearts. What do you  see there? I’m sure as Vincentians you will carry in your heart the people you serve, holding something of their pain… this is their Calvary and you are invited to be a Simon of Cyrene for them. But like Simon, we too can be hesitant at times, unsure of how we can help or how we should help.

Simon was just one of the crowd pulled out by the soldiers, to help carry the cross. We too, are “pulled out of the crowd” to be Vincentians, to help our sisters and brothers carry their crosses of poverty.

As we approach Holy Week, take time to reflect to on the crosses you see others carry and thank God for the invitation to be a “Simon of Cyrene”, even if sometimes you feel a little hesitant.

Lord, keep our eyes and hearts alert to your suffering in those around us. Amen.

Love and prayers,

Sr. Maria Robb