Jesus offers each of us salvation.

Easter is the greatest feast in the Christian calendar. In giving of himself, Jesus offers each of us salvation.

But we cannot arrive at the Resurrection without first journeying through Holy Week and embracing the cross. Holy Week…that final week in Lent that is so full of events and emotions!

Just imagine you are there. Can you experience the excitement and joy of Palm Sunday when Jesus is welcomed back to Jerusalem? And then there is the anticipation of the Passover Meal, that special Jewish celebration that recalls Yahweh’s saving of the Jewish people, the ‘chosen people’. But these high emotions sit alongside the reality of the betrayal of one of Jesus’ closest disciples, the apostle Judas and later, the denial of his close friend and chosen successor, the apostle Peter. What turmoil must have been going on in the hearts of all these key characters in the story of the Paschal Mystery?

In our world today many people are carrying the cross of betrayal, walking their own Calvary Road where others look on and make judgements. Today there our sisters and brothers across the world are living the Paschal Mystery in their day to day lives.

This Holy Week take some quiet time to sit at each of these celebrations with Jesus and,  as you journey towards Calvary be aware of your own crosses and of the crosses of those around you, then, without judgement, stride on towards the Resurrection knowing that the Lord who died and rose again for us all awaits us in glory.