A Moment to Pause and Reflect During Lent

On Ash Wednesday when we received our ashes, we are reminded of our humanity.

Today as we read the newspapers, watch TV or catch up on social media, we are again reminded of our humanity… the humanity of the people of Ukraine.

On Ash Wednesday, they were getting about their business, working and looking after their families, yet within 24 hours of Ash Wednesday many of the Ukraine people embarked on the journey of becoming refugees, their lives completely changed, each one living Lent in a new reality, carrying a cross, journeying to their own Calvary, praying for their own Simon of Cyrene who will help them carry this cross.

How can you, how can we, as Vincentians today be a Simon of Cyrene for our sisters and brothers in Ukraine today?

Love and prayers,

Sr. Maria Robb