Christmas is upon us in a few days. Our time of journeying through Advent is almost over. Are you ready to bring your gift to the new born King?

But this year many of us might struggle to buy gifts.

The  Nativity story tells us that those who visited  Mary, Joseph and the new baby, Jesus, just brought what they had…..
the angels brought their songs,

the shepherds their lambs,

the Wise men their ‘wise’ and meaningful gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

So what can you and I bring this Christmas?

The most important gift of all is the gift of ourselves.

Like the angels, the shepherds, the Wise men, God wants us to give ourselves,

just as we are, then He can use us as He needs to.

As you approach the crib  to welcome the infant Christ into your heart on Christmas day, offer your gifts with joy, then as you sit in prayer at the crib this Christmas, offer yourself to the new Christ child, knowing He will accept you just as you are.