SSVP Coronavirus Service Update:

National Office:

Following adherence to the Coronavirus guidelines, our National Office is closed.
Our staff will continue to work from home and are fully committed to offering as full a service as possible to our members and ultimately those in need whom we serve.

Members may contact staff by email:

Conference meetings and services

Our Conference meetings have been put on hold in accordance with current restrictions. Some members continue to communicate via telephone and email.

Special Projects including Ozanam Clubs & Furniture Projects have been suspended.

Requests for Assistance via –
Requests received via the SSVP website – Get Help, continue to be sent to local Conferences.

In exceptional cases, some members are able to continue to help those in need in their local communities. If they are unable to help immediately they may be able to offer help at a later stage.

National Safeguarding Procedures

SSVP continue to serve in line with National Safeguarding Procedures. Volunteers are unable to offer support, unless they meet Safeguarding requirements.