Twins on tour

(Mary (left) and Margaret McGinley outside their camper van.)


TWIN sisters Mary and Kathleen McGinley hit the road to make it to the Vincentian Family Conference in Rome.

They set off in their camper van from Helensburgh for an epic two week journey.

Mary said: “We travelled 1,327 miles to be here. 

“Kathleen and I have been Vincentians at St Joseph’s for thirty years and it’s been a big part of our life.

“So we thought it would be inspiring to come to Rome – we’re delighted to be part of the Vincentian 400th anniversary.”

The intrepid duo are members of the St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) conference at St Joseph’s parish in Helensburgh.

They were joined in Rome by fellow SSVP member Mary Durkin, along with Janice Brabender, both of Helensburgh.

Mary added: “When we saw the publicity about the 400th anniversary we all thought we’d love to be part of that.”