Did St Vincent de Paul start the SSVP?

You would think so, but that’s not the case!  St Vincent is our ‘patron’. Frederic Ozanam was the primary founder. You can read all about him here.

How many people volunteer with the SSVP?

In Scotland, there are 2000 ‘members’. These are people who meet together as Conferences (SSVP groups) and organise the work that is going to be done. They also pray together and reflect on their work. People also volunteer with the SSVP without being members – they help at lunch and supper clubs like the Ozanam Centre or at Ozanam Clubs for people with disabilities and special needs.

What volunteer roles are there?

Because SSVP members respond to the needs of their communities, the work that they do can be varied. The work however is always characterised by ‘person to person’ service, that is helping people directly where possible. This might be through providing furniture or food for example, but it also might just be through giving someone your time. There are some exceptions to this though. SSVP has ‘special works projects’ where one kind of service is organised. For example. if you volunteer at the Ozanam Centre in Glasgow, you will either be helping to give out food or clothing to people- as well as providing a warm welcome of course!

How many SSVP offices are there?

The SSVP Scotland National Office is based in Glasgow. Our Conferences are based in parishes throughout Scotland. The international headquarters of the SSVP, which is the base for the Council General International is in Paris. 

Who do we help?

Although SSVP Scotland is a Catholic organisation, volunteer members help anyone who is in need regardless of their religion, race, gender, creed or age.

Who do I contact if I need help?

As the SSVP is based in Catholic parishes, the most direct way for you to get help is to contact the parish. If you are unsure of where this is, please contact SSVP National Office on 0141 226 8833.

How do we fund our work?

The majority of SSVP funds comes from the generosity of people making donations at box collections in Churches. We also receive legacies, money from schools fundraising efforts and flag days.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Please contact us at our National office by email at admin@ssvpscotland.com or 0141 226 8833.