Sr Maria Robb shares some reflections for Advent for our members and friends:

“Each Sunday in Advent, the Advent wreath becomes more alive as another candle is lit. For the children, each candle reminds them it’s getting nearer to Christmas!

But each week as we light another candle, we are also being offered another gift from God.

The candle lit on the 1st Sunday of Advent offers us the gift of HOPE. In our world where so many feel unwanted, useless, without purpose; the gift of HOPE is so necessary.

The candle lit on the 2nd Sunday of Advent offers us the gift of LOVE. The song tells us ‘Love changes everything’. We can all associate with the feeling of being loved… and it’s an uplifting feeling, but for many of our sisters and brothers, particularly the lonely, the homeless, the refugees; there is an emptiness in their lives where love should be.

The candle we light on the 3rd Sunday of Advent offers us the gift of PEACE. We need to pray for the gift of Peace in all homes, all families, all countries. Many people live in fear and where fear exists, peace can be smothered.

The candle we light on the 4th Sunday of Advent is JOY. This happens when we put Jesus first, Others next and Yourself last.  When we get this order right, we experience JOY.

These gifts of HOPE, LOVE, PEACE and JOY are given freely to us.

How wonderful to know that on Christmas Day, our stocking can be filled with these gifts from the Infant Jesus.

But of course, these gifts are not ours to keep… they are ours to SHARE!”

Sr Maria Robb DC


Click here to download a copy: Advent Reflections 2021