Vincentian Family attending UN Forum

The UN Headquarters in New York is bustling as nations gather for the annual High Level Political Forum. The forum is a gathering at which countries focus on progress toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which 93 countries approved in September, 2017. The theme is “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies.”

From now until July 18, when the Forum ends, 47 countries will report on their experiences related to the SDGs—what works, what doesn’t, progress, and challenges.

The Vincentian Family collaborating at the UN has formed the Working Group to End Homelessness (WEGH).

Vincentian Family Efforts

One of the areas being reviewed this year is SDG 11–“To make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” This goal connects with the Vincentian Family and its NGO efforts to raise awareness of street homelessness. Thus, members of the recently-formed Working Group to End Homelessness (WGEH) will distribute new brochures about homelessness to member states during several events. The Working Group is promoting the adoption of “homelessness” as a theme during a Commission meeting in 2019