Common Ground

For members of the SSVP and their Vincentian brothers and sisters, this year marks the 400th anniversary of Vincentian spirituality, the theme of the year being ‘Welcome the Stranger’.

Migrants around the world are being given a very rough ride right now, from the uncertainty of the Brexit negotiations and  tumultuous events in the United States, the desperate plight of thousands of refugees trying to make their way across the Mediterranean sea to safety in Europe.

In a recent post on the Famvin website, Fr John Freund, CM, writes about the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and it’s dialogue with faith leaders in December 2012.

Welcoming the stranger is not only a theme of this 400th anniversary of the Vincentian Family. It is a core value of virtually all faiths. The call to “welcome the stranger,” through protection and hospitality, and to honor the stranger or those of other faiths with respect and equality, is deeply rooted in all major religions.

The Vincentian Family stands on this common ground.

What can you do to Welcome the Stranger?

On 20th February, ‘One Day Without Us’, are organising a day of action, with both organised gatherings  and ways that we all, as individuals can help to Welcome the Stranger.

Whatever your nationality and place of origin; wherever you live and work, join us and make February 20 a day of protest, solidarity and celebration.

More details of events and actions that you can take on 20th February are  available here.

Showing solidarity in Glasgow

In addition to events listed on the website, those living or working in Glasgow can also join with others at a gathering in George Square from 12noon to 2pm.