Don’t look away!

In his message for the 7th World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis challenges us not to ‘look away’. “Whenever we encounter a poor person, we cannot look away, for that would prevent us from encountering the face of the Lord Jesus,” he explains.

But being aware of poverty is not enough. We must take action to make a difference! Especially in Scotland – a country experiencing increased poverty related concerns, particularly related to increased food and fuel costs.

 For those who no longer have access to the necessities of life – and food is the most basic need of all – it’s easy to lose all hope of a better future.

Sunday 19 November is World Day of the Poor – and we challenge you to make a difference. Make a donation via SSVP Scotland website – Give Now.

In the Archdiocese of St Andrew’s & Edinburgh, parishes have been encouraged to have a special Collection for the World Day for the Poor. Monies received will go to the Fife Furniture Project, which is run by volunteers the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

Alternatively donate at your local parish to support your SSVP Conference.  This is a time of year when funds are particularly needed.

You don’t have to be rich. All you need is a compassionate heart, and the willingness to share a little of what you have with someone who has nothing. Your kindness could be the one shining light of hope in an otherwise dark world.

Together, we can give them the most precious gift of all … a little hope.  Please share this message with your family and friends.