We are delighted to share this year’s Circular Letter, written by the President General International to all the Conferences of the Society around the world.

Brother Renato Lima de Oliveira – 16th President General International writes from Paris – “Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! My dear members of Saint Vincent de Paul Conferences around the world, I first wish to ask for the abundant blessings of Our Lord Jesus Christ on you and for our Blessed Lady to be alongside us, particularly for those in need whom our Society helps, whether in special works or in the action of the Conferences.”

“At present, the Society is found in 153 territories, with 800,000 members, 48,000 Conferences, 5000 Social Works and 30 million people helped every day. These are impressive figures, which fill us with pride, joy and great social responsibility.”

The work of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, still marked by the pandemic, has not been hindered; instead, it has become a real challenge, as it was for the founders of the Conferences, who endured similar situations in their times. In this regard, Renato Lima elaborates on the myriad of initiatives undertaken by the Council General International in these times, which is clear evidence that we can keep on serving in hope, despite all the hardships, and reach out to the most vulnerable. The President General also addresses the importance of education to alleviate poverty, the care and respect of the environment, the Vincentian behavior, and the good practices in the management of charitable works and at the Councils.

“As always, I kindly request the whole international Vincentian community to pray for the successful completion of projects, programmes, and initiatives undertaken by the Council General, in harmony with the international strategic plan, in order to strengthen the SSVP. If I continue to succeed in this mission, I will be very happy, and I will have fulfilled my role as leader of this “holy army of charity”.

The Circular Letter is recommended reading during meetings at the Conferences and Councils, which can be discussed in sections to allow for deeper reflection.

Read the full letter by clicking here – 2022 Circular Letter President General International