Let’s have faith: God will protect and strengthen everyone

Brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General has written an article to Vincentians during this battle with the Coronavirus.

“In recent weeks, we have faced the global coronavirus crisis, a pandemic that is forcing social confinement and, of course, the prohibition of personal contact, especially with the elderly. Several important events, courses and assemblies are being postponed. Donations to our Conferences, Councils and Vincentian special works are being reduced. We all have to reinvent ourselves to keep Vincentian charity updated

Let us have faith! Once, a more experienced Vincentian consoled me saying: “There are lights and shadows everywhere, and in our Society, we face the same lights and the same shadows as in any other entity”. This comment made me reflect on the necessary resignation when dealing with the difficulties of our life.”

Please see link for full copy of the President General article-Coronavirus Let’s have faith