Mini Vinnies Learning and Reflecting

A range of resources are available including PowerPoints, discussion activities and links to articles and publications. These resources will provide young people with opportunities to continue to acquire and develop the attributes and capabilities of the four capacities as well as meeting the experiences and outcomes outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence. In addition, they directly link to the ‘This Is Our Faith’ syllabus for Catholic Religious Education in Scotland, which is published by the Scottish Catholic Education Service on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Scotland.

We are incredibly grateful for the time Members and teachers give to SSVP and we sincerely hope that these resources will assist them with the co-ordination of Mini Vinnies and Youth SSVP groups in Parishes and schools across Scotland.

The Starter Pack contains:

  • 2019 Starter Pack Booklet
  • 2019 Mini Vinnies Certificate
  • 2019 Mini Vinnies Prayer Card
  • 2019 Mini Vinnies group details form
  • 2019 Mini Vinnies permission letter example
  • 2019 Info sheet for parents
  • 2019 Mini Vinnies Meeting Planner
  • 2019 Guidance for Mini Vinnies and Youth SSVP
Starter Pack

The Introduction to Mini Vinnies contains:

  • Introduction to Mini Vinnies PowerPoint
Introduction to Mini Vinnies

The beginnings of the Society contains:

  • 2019 The beginnings of SSVP story plan
  • 2019 The beginnings of SSVP story storyboard
  • 2019 The beginnings of SSVP story
  • 2019 The beginnings of SSVP word search answers
  • 2019 The beginnings of SSVP word search
The Beginnings of the Society

The Homelessness contains:

  • 2019 Homelessness Activities
  • 2019 Homelessness prayer and reflection
  • 2019 Homelessness PowerPoint Plan
  • 2019 Homelessness PowerPoint

SSVP Quiz contains:

  • 2019 SSVP Quiz Activity Notes
  • 2019 SSVP Quiz

Overview and work of SSVP contains:

  • 2019 Overview and work of SSVP Brainstorm Activity
2019 Overview